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Statement No. (1191), Regarding Bloody Attack on Shrine of Sayyed Mohamed in Balad  

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The General Secretariat issued a new statement on the bloody attack on the shrine of (Sayyed Mohamed) in the country in Salahuddin province, in the text of the statement follows:
Statement No. (1191)
Regarding the bloody attack on shrine of Sayyed Mohamed in Balad
     Praise be to Allah, peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, companions and followers:
     Last night, successive explosions infiltrated by clashes and rocket and mortar shellings, altogether occurred in the vicinity of the shrine (Sayyed Mohamed) in the center of Balad district of Salahuddin province, lasted until the early morning; killing and wounding more than 80 people.
     This strongly convicted incident happens in a city which is under full control of government forces and many sectarian militias operating under umbrella of Al Hashd Al Sha'bi; which has a full record of crimes and brutal violations, while a suitable atmosphere in media and political mobilization have been created for it to work, at the time the current government paying lip service to its control of the district and its surrounding areas; which reveals the total failure suffered by those devices and inability to do their job, and they don't have any thing to accomplish there; only to commit more abusive practices and violations.
     This kind of bloody explosions, the Islamic State claims responsibility; renders - in a way or another - the interest of the owners of regional expansion projects, offering them a free service, especially in the Iraqi scene now is become abundantly clear that such incidents' results are already planned for earlier, as well as being invested well; and this is reflected in the way of the use of the victims' bloods as a substance for sectarian stirring, the reprisals, and re-assembling of Iran-affiliated tools; to acquire property, bombing of houses and bulldozing orchards in the targeted areas; and to change the demographics of that areas which are already planned in that project sponsored by Iran; which affects the entire region, particularly in Iraq.
     The political project that controls Iraq - by the tools of Washington and Tehran which are the parties in power currently and its characters who have black past and dark present - still using innocent Iraqi blood as a substance to reap a self-interest political gains, and as an instrument employed in the context of achieving the goals of the US and Iranian occupations which aim to change the situation in Iraq as a whole and grab its wealth and riches, and ill-treating its people and erase its authentic history.
General Secretariat
3 / Shawwal / 1437 AH
8 / July /2016 AD


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