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Statement No. 1002 on al-Maliki's militias' crimes against Iraqis

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Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, companions and allies, and after:
     The pro-government sectarian militias backed by official security agencies continued its crimes of ethnic cleansing, human rights violation, abduction on identity basis, as well as murdering and forced displacement taking place in southern areas of Baghdad.
     This militias has proceeded, on Thursday 26th of June, abduction of three youths from the sub-area of al-Salam and al-Mazraa in the district of Latifiya south of Baghdad; before the eyes of members of checkpoint of Division 17 of the current government army, then their bodies were found today later, to reach the number of bodies found - which passed away in such way - to (23), in the areas of Mahmudiya, al-Rasheed and Latifiya.
     In this context; elements of militia and some of government army forces stationed near checkpoints of Division 17 for the purpose of monitoring the people of these areas and looking for who evacuates the bodies of slain to commit more crimes of kidnapping and murder against them, furthermore, witnesses have confirmed that thirteen young men were kidnapped yesterday and a number of women were beaten near the forensic medicine department in the province of Babylon, after they gathered to receive the bodies of their relatives who had been executed by the militias while being transported from the central prison to sub-area al-Qasim in the area of Hashimiya earlier this week.
     The current government also continued its crimes of sectarianism towards the mosques, houses and farms in the area of Jurf al-Sakhar, where the government forces and pro-militias have turned of two mosques in the area (Jazyah) in the district, to military barracks and prevented pray inside it, to reach the outcome of the mosques that have prevented the pray by the Maliki government to seven, as well as the bombing and burning houses in area (Hujayr) a subsidiary of the district, after forcibly displaced people and destruction of farmlands and orchards belong to the residents in the region.
     The Association of Muslim Scholars condemns this terrorist crimes that clearly reflect the nature of those who stand behind and the plans implemented under the auspices and support of regional parties in order to harm the state and people of Iraq.

General Secretariat
29 Shaban 1435 AH
27 June 2014 AD

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