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Statement No. 1065 on 12th Anniversary of US-British Aggression on Iraq

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In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the Compassionate
General Secretariat issued a statement regarding the twelfth anniversary of the US-British aggression on Iraq, here below the English text of the statement: 
Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of God and his family and companions and allies, and so after:
The anniversary of the Us-British aggression on Iraq in its 12th year causes more pain that wrenching every Arab Muslim; concerning the unspeakable situation and sorrows witnessed by the country over those years, that all the words of condemnation and outrage can not be equivalent to the big loss of Iraq, particularly after the gate of evil has been opened against the rest of the Arab countries.
Anniversary of the US-British aggression on Iraq passes while its people of all sects and components suffer from all kinds of injustice, oppression and tyranny, and the devastation and destruction dominate the scene since the invaders' boots being on the immaculate land of Iraq and proceeded to dismantle the state and its institutions under the pretext of the so-called building new Iraq; they began demolishing the  infrastructure and dismantling of security and military forces, and targeting of the cultural, civilizational, educational, industrial, agricultural as well as health and other centers, leaving more than a million martyrs, and more than a million widows, not to mention the army of more than five million orphans, and increasing number of displaced inside and outside Iraq, particularly in this year, until it reached nearly seven million; all of that make Iraq a weak country incapable to defend itself or its resources and rights of water and oil wealth which been stolen on a daily basis in front of the whole world's glare.
The aggression anniversary passes this year whereas the role of Iran over the region is growing more and more and US welcomes; where that appeared openly via the obvious governmental shore and the provocative statements of Iranian officials, and this is an expected result from the governments supported with the occupation after the aggression which are the worst in the Iraq history; where looting people's wealth and shedding their blood and assaulting their honor, as well as pushing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men and women in secret and public prisons, hanged hundreds of them, and get top ranks in all these files internationally, and opened Iraq for all forces of evil, malice and greedy, to wreak the havoc.
The Association of Muslim Scholars while noting with this anniversary but it had, since the early days of the aggression, warned of this fait and whereas it is turned out this painful reality in Iraq; it blesses the Iraqi people - the benevolent parties - these precious sacrifices which still offered every day, and salute honorably the valiant resistance men, the tribal revolutionaries, the military councils members and others and it invites them all to stand firmly to confront this vicious attack that is intended to insult the honorable ones and bring them down.
The Association pledge to Allah to continue on the path of truth until Almighty authorizes a clear victory on the enemies of Iraq and the whole humanity; the thoroughbred Iraqis sure about promise of Allah, and Allah Almighty is the Helper of believers, He says: {We will indeed make victorious Our Messengers and those who believe in this world's life and on the Day when the witnesses stand forth}
General Secretariat
28 Jumada al awwal 1436 AH
19 March 2015 AD
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