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Statement No. 1070 on militias' crimes against the Anbar displaced families

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    ٍStatement No. (1070)
    On targeting the displaced families from Anbar by government forces and sectarian militias
    Praise be to Allah, peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family, companions and allies:
    The momentous events and heinous crimes in Iraq against the people did not stop; this time targeting the displaced families from Anbar province who have taken refuge in the capital, Baghdad, to flee the fighting on their own land, appealing the government for help, and as they just settle with, the militias of the government itself began to assault them via arresting and assassination.
    On Friday, 24/04/2015 the government militias has exterminated an entire family consisting of a mother and four children, some of them infants, after breaking into their home in Abu Dshir of the Doura south of Baghdad, and that family was a displaced one which has lived in the area a few days ago.
    On Saturday, 25/4/2015 these militias, wearing government uniforms and rode on government cars, has attacked a house in the Ma'alf neighborhood southwest of the capital Baghdad, inhabited by a displaced family fled Anbar, and kidnapped four men while the government forces were watching, the abducted persons have been found dead after hours dumped in a garbage in the area of ​​the Shuhada southwest of the capital.
    At the same day the government forces embarked to arrest eight citizens of the displaced families from Anbar in the Alexandria North Babylon, claiming the issuance of the orders of the governor of Babylon (Sadiq Madlol al-Sultani) to arrest of any displaced people came from Anbar to Babylon, not to mention the scores of displaced people who been detained by the security forces and militias in security barriers which set up along the way.
    On Tuesday 28/4/2015 an armed group stormed into a house in which a displaced family from Anbar of the clan (Albonimr) which inhabit the Jihad neighborhood of Baghdad, kidnapped 8 men of the family, and took the hostages to an unknown location, then found their bodies near the Abbas School in the neighborhood western the capital, with bullet injuries in head and chest.
    This systematic campaign of sectarian murders associated with sectarian incitement filled with hatred launched by influential government officials on media targeted openly the millions of displaced people who fled Anbar to deepen their calamity and stir crimes against them insistently.
    It is ironic that the current government represented by the head of the so-called "Committee for Security and Defense" (Hakim al-Zamily) has justified this diabolical policy in a manner no less ugly than the same offense; this criminal said that about 1000 family of Anbar province, entered the capital Baghdad, each of them included a "terrorist", and so these families will become sleeper cells in the future.
    The Association of Muslim Scholars, as it reveals this farce and condemns its chapters; it very marveled at the countries that blinded from seeing these scenes, and still supportive of the current government in Baghdad, which has provided what we explained above as a "bloody gift" for the displaced who are from sons of the nation, rather than doing their job in urgent initiative to relief and aid to meet their needs.
General Secretariat
9 Rajab 1436 AH
29 April 2015 AD
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