Monday, 19 October 2015 08:29

Statement No. 1116 on Cholera Outbreak in Iraq

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The General Secretariat of AMSI has issued a statement numbered (1116), regarding the inability of the current government to deal with cholera infection in Iraq and quest to blackout on it.
AMSI expressed concerns over the spreading of the epidemic; and it confirmed that there is a neglect by the corrupt government and refuse to recognize the size of the disaster; to mask what is realy going on in Iraq.
The Association underscored that at a time when the World Health organizations had previously announced its control over the epidemic and eliminate even in poor countries, we found today cholera spreads in a country has enormous wealth like Iraq.
By this tragedy, Abadi's government adds new scandal to its shameful record, which would participate in raising death toll in our fractured homeland; then why the world dealt with it and still support in all fields.
AMSI called on whole world to uncover this irresponsible as well as corrupt government and not to proceed with it any more.
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