Thursday, 29 October 2015 13:18

Statement No. 1121, on the non-stop sectarian militias' crimes in Diyala

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The General Secretariat issued a statement numbered 1121, regarding the crimes of sectarian militias in Diyala province.
AMSI said in the statement "Under the predominant influence exercised by the Hashid Shaabi militias in Diyala province, and the praise on the leader of Iraq's militia, Hadi al-Amiri, from the current parliament speaker, who belongs to this province, but he does not; those militias have launched on Tuesday an attack on villages of a subsidiary of Balad Ruz, east the provincial capital of Baquba, killing and injuring folks and burning their houses".
The Association of Muslim Scholars condemns this systematic attacks that did not stop years ago which aimed to changing the demographics in Diyala and other affected provinces; and it consider the silence applied by the Sunni politicians in the political process, led by House Speaker is a sort of pusillanimity and abandonment of support the oppressed and a complicity with bad neighbor Iran for sake of its bloody expansionist project in the region, and this is what makes their pause equal to the criminality of those sectarian militias, in sin and its consequences.
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