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Death danger threatens the children of Mosul and the future of people in the city

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Death danger threatens the children of Mosul and the future of people in the city


The events and battles occurring in Mosul City and the crimes committed by the government forces ,militias and the international coalition forces against humanity,; have affected on the reality of the civilians and their future, which is threatened by ever more aggravated  dangers.


Despite the continued fighting at the right side of city accompanied by the daily bombardment; hundreds of thousands of civilians are still trapped inside their homes, because of lack of safety passages, as well as targeting of any moving object by the aircraft of coalition or government forces; which make the situation of children worse as they are facing hunger due to shortage in food supplies and access to them, the spread of diseases since that the hospitals and the health centers  have become out of  service in addition to the acute shortage of medical personnel, as well as injuries caused by bombing and explosions.


In this regard, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) says that the children ,who earlier left the right side of Mosul with their parents arriving the hospital which is run by the organization in Qayyara Nahiya south of Mosul where the camps are established for the displaced people , suffer of severe emaciation due to malnutrition noting that the hospital was forced to open new wards specialized in treating the children which their numbers are growing indicating that the most of them are below six months .The organization has documented within this frame a case of 6-month infant who weighs (2.4)Kg ;that is to say, less than the half of the weight of average .


Furthermore, related reports referred that a significant proportion of infected children with acute malnutrition have come from the villages controlled by the government forces for months showing that food insecurity is limited to the besieged areas in Mosul after cutting of supply routes ;meanwhile, (Rozana Mengetti ),a member of the organization and pediatrician, said that it was not expected that such food crisis would occur in Iraq as it is the most common in Africa ;MSF organization admitted that it did not anticipate that it would happened here.


In this context, press sources quoted saying of people fleeing from bombing in Mosul that there are almost no food except wheat flour mixed with water and boiled wheat; while, other types of food are expensive and out of reach .As a result, the emaciation spread among people especially the children which are in need to new treatments from diseases related to malnutrition that weaken the immune system making them vulnerable to other infections.


Moreover, (Isabelle Ligal ), a member of MSF , said that this situation has not been witnessed by most of Iraqi doctors ,and part of the problem lies in the fact that Iraqi mothers usually choose formula-feed that is impossible to be found in Mosul. Therefore, they are forced to find alternatives that are unhealthy to keep their children alive.A woman said that she had no choice only feeding her child sugar melted with water and yogurt or a mixture of flour and water.


In addition to malnutrition, the report of the organization stated that, many children arrive the hospital with breathing problems, respiratory infections and pneumonia. Most of them are from the camps at which the congestion causes spread of viruses. On the other hand, the children's ward in the hospital is experiencing an increase in overcrowding to the extent that each bed is used for two patients. Most of the women's ward has children recovering from war injuries such as fractions, burns and shrapnel injuries.


The danger that faces the children in Mosul does not include the health and food; Amnesty International earlier published a report some time ago that the children besieged in the battle of Mosul suffer from terrible injuries; Indicating, in the report, that the children trapped under the fire of the brutal battle of Mosul has seen scenes no one, no matter how old he or she is, should ever see. On this Situation, the senior adviser in the crisis deference in the Organization (Donatella Roveira) said : I saw children who were not only horrified, but they saw the heads of their relatives and neighbour beheaded by mortars, or they were torn into pieces by car bombs, mines, or crushed under rubble.


In addition  to  the danger of death, many of the children in  Mosul; especially those who were previously displaced and stayed in the camps before the war conditions in the city have become worse, face large educational problems, represented by school attendance discontinuation and inability for admission in schools due to their instability and the absence of government financial allocations .Most of the camps suffer from the scarcity of schools that host students and provide them with recognized educational curricula, except for some activities of humanitarian organizations that have erected public schools in some displacement camps, but still not meet the need.


What is happening to the children of Mosul is a humanitarian disaster by all measures, because it is a threat to annihilate a whole generation, and eliminate the future of society that is about to be wiped out of the population and where there is no hope in the foreseeable future of a solution that removes the danger. All the world, people, governments and organizations are within the human, legal and moral responsibilities, and the history will judge them.


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