Human Rights Watch: The Iraqi authorities escalated their use of violence to suppress the protests between January 25 -27 , as the security forces set fire to the protesters' tents ,fired live bullets ,& arrested protesters in # Baghdad, Basra &Nasiriyah.
Government forces use hunting rifles against demonstrators in Al-Khilani Square, in the middle of # Baghdad, and reports refer that more than 20 protesters were injured.
Diwaniya demonstrations have continued to demand the intervention of the United Nations and the international community to stop the crimes of government forces against peaceful demonstrators.
The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq confirms its absolute rejection of the deal of the century, its support for the Palestinian people and its stand against this dangerous plan.
The 2019 Global Corruption Index has listed Iraq at the bottom of the international rankings as the most corrupt country in the world. After 17 years since the US invasion , Iraq is still at the bottom of the list annually without fighting corruption by the successive governments
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