Press sources:The (Popular Mobilization) have shelled (Sheikh) village in the (Jalulaa) in Diyala by mortar bombs, resulted in damage to homes, as part of the campaign of intimidation by sectarian militias to force people to leave their areas in preparation for demographic change
A photo posted by activists on (July 20, 2019) showing the arrest of old people on the pretext of (suspects ) by the Popular Mobilization militias during the ongoing military campaign carried out for sectarian motives in Tarmiyah and the northern belt of Baghdad.
Anadolu news agency: US-led coalition forces support the forces of Baghdad Ministry of Defense in a new military campaign targeting areas north of Baghdad and its surrounding from the provinces of Diyala, Salahuddin and Anbar
Press sources: The government forces have closed the roads leading to (Tarmiyah) north of Baghdad ; in conjunction with the launch of the military campaign, which observers say it has sectarian dimensions, because the security file in the region is not troubled as is common
Local sources:The government forces have carried out a new military campaign described by (security) in a number of areas &villages in (Tarmiyah) in the belt of northern Baghdad;which suffers from the systematic campaigns practiced by Baghdad government for sectarian motives
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