Press reports: The illiteracy rate in Iraq is increasing due to the security, economic and social conditions, while government authorities do not provide solutions to the serious and aggravated problems caused by them throughout the country.
(Human Rights Commission) In Iraq: About (40%) of the population of the oil-rich province of Basra in the south of the country; live below the poverty line, under a difficult reality which lacks of logical solutions to support the standard of living.
Press sources: Within a few days ,the government forces have arrested (87) people in different parts of Baghdad, motivated by sectarianism under the name (terrorism).
Iraqi Center for Documentation of War Crimes @IWDCiraq Two secret prisons,built underground and run by Badr militia in Diyala province in eastern Iraq,include 7,000 people who were forcibly abducted by the Popular Mobilization militias from many parts of Baghdad and Salah al-Din.
OHCHR: The cases of cancer increase in Iraq as a result of internationally prohibited weapons and bombs
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