Anadolu News Agency:Baghdad government declared the opening of an Iranian oil office,simultaneously with the pretensions of USA(to expand sanctions)on Tehran,which raises questions,as Iraq has become the gate to smuggle the Iranian oil by the pipelines between the two countries.
AFP: The United States and Iran are playing the tug of war in Iraq, which will pay price of any future conflict between the two parties.
The government forces arrested a woman from al-Mashahah in Tarmiya district, north of Baghdad, while she was visiting her son detained since 9 years in Nasiriya prison south of Iraq
A fire has broken out in the wheat fields in Tikrit north of Baghdad whrere the Popular Mobilization militias control resulted in heavy losses after the Ministry of Agriculture declared the start of the purchase of local wheat crop from Iraqi farmers,as confirmed by(Reuters)
Anadolu News Agency:A military source confirmed that the toll of the violence that erupted in Najaf on Wednesday;rose to 4 dead &(17) injuries after protesters tried to storm the mall owned by a former leader In (the Sadrist movement) involved in corruption
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