Quotations : The crimes of extortion committed by the (popular mobilization) militias are still continuing in a number of the Iraqi provinces.
The International Organization for Migration (IOM): Two million Iraqi refugees out of a total of more than 5 million who left their homes as a result of the military operations that targeted their cities in 2014, are still living in camps in the country.
Quotations : The government of Baghdad is wasting money on unreal projects.
Istanbul :A part of the press conference of the coordinating body of the Iraqi National Charter,which was organized on Sunday 3th of March,2019 to announce the (Iraqi National Charter),that specifies the features &frameworks of the forces,parties, gatherings &independent figures
Dr. Fatima Al-Ani,the representative of the International Relations Authority,shows the names of the forces signing the Iraqi National Charter: Sheikh Dr. Abdul Malik Al Saadi Arab National Movement The Association of Muslim Scholras in Iraq Iraqi Revolution Tribal Council
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