Wednesday, 19 December 2012 21:46


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An explosive device was planted near the home of an element of the governmental police in the east of Mosul, and went off as he was leaving, killing him on the spot.


Hundreds of women from Fallujah renewed demonstrations against the treatment of women detainees at the hands of the government forces in Iraqi prisons. More large demonstrations broke out in the northeast of Baghdad, demanding a number of different services and threatening to cut off roads. Journalists from Basra protested against the government today as well, against the mistreatment journalists suffer at the hands of government officials.


Reports were released on the Taji prison in the north of Baghdad, revealing the failure to provide the detainees with basic needs such as food or heating, and their daily expose to various forms of arassment and torture. Today, forty detainees from the Nasiriyah prison were transferred to Baghdad, in order to implement death sentences against some – they had not been allowed to defend themselves in trials.





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