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Iraq News Summary (14 May 2015)

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In the framework of its ongoing crimes; sectarian militias embarked on Wednesday evening on the burning of Sunni Endowment Investment Authority building and five houses in the city of Adhamiya, northern the capital Baghdad. 
According to eyewitness account, number of Shitte visitors to Kadhimiya last night have stormed the Sunni Endowment Investment Authority building and tampered with its contents and then they threw a number of Molotov cocktails into the building and torched it, as well as five of neighbouring houses have been robbed and burned totally, in addition to a number of cars and vehicles were parked there.
Officer in the so-called Facilities Protection Police was killed and four other members were injured in a bomb Thursday north of Tikrit, Salahudin province.
Three of the elements of what is called the Federal Police were wounded after armed attack on their headquarters Thursday northern city of Tikrit.
Government sources acknowledged Thursday; that its forces and militias associated with them; suffer since seven days; coordinated attacks by militants affect headquarters of military units in several areas south of the city of Tikrit.
Killing of an element of the Awakening forces and the abduction of a civilian in two separate incidents Thursday morning north-eastern city of Baquba, capital of Diyala province.
Person was killed and five others were wounded when a bomb exploded Thursday morning north of the city of Baquba.
Killing of two civilians and five others were injured in a traffic accident occurred on Thursday morning north of the city of Kirkuk Tamim province .
According to press and medical sources; finding of bodies of two men were shot dead hours after their disappearance, on Thursday; northeastern city of Kirkuk, Tamim province .
A civilian was killed and two children were seriously wounded in a mortar attack Thursday on the city of Ramadi, Anbar province.
11 civilians were killed and 19 others were injured as a result of a government airstrikes targeted their homes on Thursday in a suburb of Fallujah, the largest city in Anbar province.
At least 150 members of the government army and militias have been killed and dozens of others were wounded; as a result of heavy fighting took place east of the city of Fallujah, Thursday, which pushed the government forces to flee their positions.
More than 30 members of the government forces, including a colonel; were dead and wounded; following two car bombs and armed attack Thursday evening in separate places west of the city of Ramadi.
Two people were killed and six others were injured in a blast Thursday afternoon southeast of the capital Baghdad.
Unidentified gunmen have killed four people on Thursday evening, south of Baghdad, meanwhile it has found a body of a civilian, in the city center, was died at the hands of sectarian militias.
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