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Iraq News Summary (20 May 2015)

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Two people were killed and four houses have been torched in an attack by the government-backed sectarian militias on Tuesday evening, the city of Baquba, northeast of Diyala province, as confirmed by press news from the province.
According to press and medical sources in Salahuddin province; finding a body of a man was shot dead after cuffed, Wednesday evening south of Tikrit city, where sectarian militias are active.
The American writer, Dexter Flankins, said that seizing of the Iraqi key city of Ramadi, by the militants is a sad 'setback' for the current government and its allies, led by America.
Warplanes of the US-led coalition forces; launched more than sixteen air strike on Wednesday affected many cities and areas in the four provinces, signed substantial material losses as well as the fall of the dead and wounded.
Two people were killed, including a government employee and eight others were wounded as a result of a bomb and an armed attack in two separate areas on Wednesday south and east of the capital Baghdad .
One person was killed and eight others were injured, some seriously injured as a result of a bomb explosion Wednesday afternoon north of Baghdad.
A government police force has found on Wednesday a body of one of a police members, who spent shot dead north of the capital Baghdad, said a government security source.
Five members of government security forces and militiamen of the so-called popular mobilization were wounded with various injuries after being called to an armed attack in northern city of Tikrit.
At least two people were killed, one an employee at the current Ministry of industry, and five others were wounded; in an improvised explosive device and an armed attack on Wednesday in separate locations north and west of the capital Baghdad.
One person was killed, government police sources said that he was a civilian, and five others were injured, in a bomb explosion Wednesday afternoon west of the capital Baghdad, in the second incident targeting the same region within an hour.
Major fire broke out in an apartment building on Wednesday evening east of the capital Baghdad, and came upon the contents almost entirely, without reports of casualties.
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