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Iraq News Summary (27 May 2015)

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The elements of government-backed sectarian militias Wednesday morning committing a new crime where blew a Sunni mosque south-eastern city of Baquba in Diyala province.
A group of sectarian militiamen has assassinated deputy head of the Iraqi Engineers Association (Abdullah Khalaf al-Jubouri) where shot him after intercepting his way on Wednesday; north of the capital Baghdad.
Killing of at least 80 element of the government army and militiamen of the so-called "popular mobilization", and dozens others were injured as a result of nine car bombs targeted their military positions on Wednesday near Fallujah.
Baghdad Center for Human Rights has confirmed the death of four detainees over the past week in the prisons of Nasiriyah, Rusafa as a result of brutal torture and health neglect.
Two people were killed and nine others wounded in a bomb on Wednesday morning north of the capital Baghdad, said a current Interior Ministry source .
One person was killed and six wounded in an explosion south of Baghdad, in a second event of its kind seen in the capital today.
A person was killed and four others wounded, some seriously injured in a blast on Wednesday north of the city of Baquba, capital of Diyala province.
A government police officer was killed and four others were wounded in a roadside bomb targeted their patrol on Wednesday afternoon west of the capital Baghdad.
According to press and medical sources, the director of the so-called "judicial police" in Anbar province, died on Wednesday of his wounds sustained in earlier battles near the city of Ramadi, the provincial capital.
Three militiamen of the so-called "popular mobilization" were killed , and others wounded; in a booby-trapped house on Wednesday north of Tikrit, Salahuddin province.
In a preliminary toll; seven people fell dead and wounded; in an explosion Wednesday evening west of the capital Baghdad, which has seen in the past twenty-four hours the killing and wounding dozens people in separate incidents.
The International Rescue Committee has denounced the arbitrary actions and restrictions by the government security services against the displaced people of Anbar province, which is forcing hundreds of them to return to areas of conflict, where government authorities have imposed a "sponsorship" system; to allow them to enter the capital, Baghdad.
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