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Iraq News Summary (28 May 2015)

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The international occupation forces which called "coalition forces"; have launched 12 raid, on Wednesday targeted an Iraqi cities in three provinces north and west of the country.
Agencies news quoted that forces' statement as saying; Fighter  jets raided the cities of Fallujah, Ramadi and Heet in Anbar province, and the cities of Mosul, Sinjar and Tal Afar in Nineveh province, as well as the city of Baiji in Salahuddin province, pointing out that the bombing of these cities was under the pretext of targeting militants.
The international coalition forces have targeted again on Thursday ten Iraqi cities in the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh, Salahuddin and Tamim, by twenty air raid in which populated areas bombed signed deaths and injuries as well as physical damage.
Two people were killed, one of them was a government employee and seven others wounded, including four soldiers in four explosive devices Wednesday evening in different areas of the capital Baghdad.
Some 1500 people suffered severe dyspnea due to heavy dust storm that pervaded on Tuesday the provinces of Baghdad, Karbala and Muthanna, quoted sources in the current Ministry of Health .
A woman was killed and four other people were wounded in a bomb on Thursday morning north-eastern city of Baquba, capital of Diyala province.
Three members of the so-called "popular mobilization" was killed and 16 others were injured, some very seriously during armed clashes broke out Thursday afternoon south of Tikrit, Salah al-Din province.
Two people were killed, one of them was an element of the Awakening forces and 11 others wounded, including four of the Awakening forces and government police; as a result of two blasts in separate areas on Thursday south and north of the capital Baghdad .
No less than 29 element of the government army and militiamen of the so-called "popular mobilization" have been killed, and 35 others were wounded during armed clashes continued in the governorates of Anbar and Salahuddin, a day after the deaths of more than 150 elements of the army and militias.
One person was killed and three others were suffered wounds and fractures; after a traffic accident occurred on Thursday southern of Sulaymaniyah province northern Iraq, which witnessed traffic accidents remarkably.
Two people were killed and two others were injured by two bombs in separate locations Thursday afternoon northeast of the city of Baquba, capital of Diyala province.
Medical reports published via journalistic sources Thursday evening; confirmed that the outcome of the ongoing indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas in Fallujah since more than a year, amounted to more than 7600 people dead and wounded most of them civilians.
Three people were killed and 12 others were injured, in two blasts, Thursday afternoon in separate locations south and east of the capital, Baghdad.
In two separate explosions Thursday evening south of the capital Baghdad; killing one person and wounding ten people.
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