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UN Report: 'Terrible Toll' On Civilians In Iraq

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1 June 2015 – At least 1,031 Iraqis were killed in May 2015 and another 1,684 injured in acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict, according to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI).
“Current developments in and around the city of Ramadi and in Anbar Governorate showed grave consequences as around 237,786 individuals have been displaced from and within Anbar to date, while thousands were killed and injured, sometimes in the most horrendous way,” UNAMI chief Ján Kubiš said today on the release of the figures.
According to UNAMI’s latest figures, 665 civilians were killed and 1,313 injured, while a further 366 members of the Iraqi Security Forces lost their lives and another 371 were injured during the entire month of May. The data marks an uptick of 219 casualties compared to last month, although the confirmed numbers might not fully reflect an increasingly volatile situation, where civilians are also being displaced by the thousands.
Nevertheless, the capital was the worst affected Governorate with 1,044 civilian casualties (343 killed, 701 injured). According to Baghdad Health Directorate, the Anbar Governorate follows, with a total of 583 civilian casualties (102 killed, 481 injured), once again the victim toll of Fallujah has been excluded
Convinced that a military solution alone will be insufficient to achieve stability in Iraq, Mr. Kubiš urged Abadi's government to adopt a “set of confidence-building measures” towards Arab Sunnis and other disaffected communities, and “enabling them to assume a share in governing the country,” as well as “assuring them of the State’s ability to ensure their protection from violence.” 
It worth mentioning that the actions of the pro-government sectarian militias were to blame for the growing number of casualties, while UN doesn't regard the unspeakable crimes committed by those barbaric militias openly. and agencies.
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