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Iraq News Summary (3 June 2015)

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Human rights report highlighted the practices of government-backed sectarian militias in Diyala province, in the first half of this year which witnessed the killing and kidnapping of more than two hundred civilians.
The sectarian militias have committed a new crime by killing three civilians after torturing them; bodies were found dumped on a Wednesday south of the capital Baghdad, as confirmed by the press and medical sources.
According to press reports published Wednesday ; an earthquake measuring 2.8 on Richter Scale hit parts of Tamim province, without reports of casualties or damages it may cause.
Two civilians were wounded seriously after being shot by gunmen suspected of belonging to the government-backed sectarian militias Wednesday morning, north-eastern city of Baquba, capital of Diyala province.
At least two of the government military personnel were wounded seriously; in a bomb north of the capital Baghdad, as confirmed by press and security sources on Wednesday.
Some 22 of the government forces and militias of the so-called "Popular Mobilization" dead or wounded in bombings hit them earlier in Anbar province, as reported by a reporter of amsi.com on Wednesday.
Three people were killed and fifteen others injured; by two blasts in two separate places on Wednesday north and south of the capital Baghdad .
An officer in the current Interior Ministry was killed, when an adhesive bomb exploded in his car Wednesday afternoon west of Baghdad, meanwhile six people were injured in a roadside bomb southwest of the capital.
The International Occupation Forces, known as 'International Coalition Forces', has hit on Wednesday ten cities in four provinces west and north of Iraq by launching 18 airstrike; leaving dozens dead and wounded not to mention a massive destruction of some of the targeted areas.
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