Saturday, 15 August 2015 18:38

AMSI Calls on All Iraqis to Stand Around the ‘Inclusive Iraq’ Scheme

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AMSI urged all Iraqis to move forward in the ‘Inclusive Iraq’ Scheme that looks to bring peace, stability and prosperity to our homeland.

Regarding its initiative, AMSI declares that its doors are open to all the Iraqi people of all components and groups for communicating. It provides all its efforts in order to achieve the objectives of this initiative, to guarantee that all effective work is put right on track again. This comes in taking its responsibilities, pledging to be an active part in any effort made and in being a productive, aiding, advising and mentoring element. Our main concern is to facilitate the ways and to give access to the wheel of action to run on its track by collective cooperation upon mutual cooperation format. We firmly believe that point of strength in the Inclusive Iraq Scheme comes from the united word of its parties, their cooperation and concord.

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