Monday, 19 October 2015 16:15

Kurds flee homes as Turkey shells Duhok, northern Iraq

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The Turkish shelling targeted yesterday evening a number of villages in the province of Dohuk leading to the displacement of many families to safer areas.
News agencies quoted witnesses as saying: "The Turkish artillery shelled last night the villages of Berwari, Bala and Kestah in the district of Amadiyah north the city of Dohuk," .. Pointing out that the villagers have abandoned their homes to more secure areas in the villages of Chelki and Brifkan.
Earlier this month, the Turkish civil wing of PKK has announced stoppage of military operations in a condition of the PKK rebels not been attacked by Turkish troops.
The fighting between Turkish security forces and PKK militants has left hundreds killed of both parties since the collapse of the cease-fire in past July, ending chances of progress in the peace process launched in 2012 to end the era of three decades of confrontation. & agencies.
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