Saturday, 31 October 2015 15:28

Heavy rain Kills Eight People in Najaf

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Eight people from the same family died as their house collapsed on Saturday morning due to heavy rain, that spreaded major flood, southern of the provincial capital city of Najaf.
A security source in the governorate said that a house in the Ansar neighborhood southern the city of Najaf, was fallen as a result of the heavy rains, killing all the family members which consisting of three boys and four girls in addition to their mother, noting that the father is the only survivor of that disaster.
It is said that many Iraqi provinces have seen over the past three days heavy rains which caused in closure of the main streets and sinking many houses a result of government neglect and lack of rehabilitation of drainage systems.
There were five displaced from the same family killed on Thursday, also due to the heavy rains that caused the fall of the roof structure, which was a shelter for them in the village Nasr-Wa-Salam of Abu Ghraib west of the capital Baghdad.
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