Monday, 07 December 2015 15:15

Iraq's money goes to por-government sectarian militias

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Parliamentary Commission of Economy and Investment announced, on Monday, that the next amendments to the 2016 budget included the allocation of more than a trillion dinars for the sectarian militias which known as "Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi".
Reports cited Najibah Najib, a member of the Commission, as saying today that the sectarian militias, the crowd in the budget and budget Trliuna amounted to 1.3 trillion dinars, within the security and defense sector allocations, while stripped it of any budget allocations for the Peshmerga forces.
It should be noted that this sectarian militias formed after the fatwa issued by al-Sistani, on the pretext of the fight against IS, these sectarian groups have practiced and still the deadliest crimes against the folks of Iraq, especially in Sunni areas and provinces, escalated abuses to exceed bloodletting via abducting and killing Sunni, to harass residents and theft and burning of houses and looting of property; forcing them to leave.
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