Wednesday, 06 January 2016 10:15

Government troops trick trapped families in Ramadi to abduct their children, AMSI detects

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The Association of Muslim Scholars, has revealed that the besieged families in the city of Ramadi were lured into a trap by government troops, claiming to provide a safe exit to them from the city, stressing on that no one will be arrested, particularly boys and youths, but those unarmed citizens were surprised by the unexpected government measures; where all the males been isolated from their families at once and they have been detained and taken to unknown destination.
The Association said in a statement that the government while the males have been taken to an unknown headquarters, the children and women have been transferred to a very bad camp and lacks of the elements of a life in the region (Majar) near the (Habbaniyah), where the displaced families in the camp are suffering from ill-treatment, no food no medicine only that provided by humanitarian organization and some families in the district; revealing the false allegations of the government media to provide aid to the displaced families, and they're in a care and relief status.
At the end of the statement, the Association considered what happens to these families is a crime against humanity, and the government is responsible for the repercussions of what happens to them, it's also responsible for the safety of the kidnapped, demanding humanitarian and relief organizations remedying it, and follow up on the needs of these families who have been left alone to face the risk of death without helper.
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