Tuesday, 27 December 2016 19:26

Iraqi Red Crescent: Three Thousand Displaced People from Mosul in Three Days

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Iraqi Red Crescent Society asserted displacing of more than three thousand civilians from Mosul City –the center of Nineveh province- during the last three days amid bad weather and humanitarian conditions.

The news quoted the member of society (Ayad Rafid) saying that  ((Around three thousand and (two hundred and fifty ) civilians-including children and women- have fled from the eastern and southern neighborhoods of Mosul during the last three days  and most of them have been moved to Khazir ,Hasan Sham and Jada' camps)).

He added that the humanitarian situation in these camps is as bad as the fleeing of those civilians from homes referring that the waves of rain and cold climate have exacerbated the suffering of the displaced people in the camps which lack the basic services.

Most of Mosul displaced people live in Khazir camps ; 30km east of Mosul which can accommodate up to eight thousand families ,and Hasan Sham camp that is located in Khazir area providing shelter for twenty four thousand displaced families in addition to three camps in Jada' area south of Mosul.

It is noteworthy that (one hundred and thirty) thousand civilians have fled from Mosul since the beginning of storming into Mosul by the government forces and their sectarian militias on 17th of the last October escaping from the brutal aerial and land bombing and violations committed by Al-Hashd Al-Sha'bi.




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