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Education Index: Iraq and Five Arab Countries where there is no education

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AMSI.net: The global education index issued by the World Economic Forum in Davos has removed Iraq and five Arab countries from the scope of assessment for this year as they lack of the criteria for the quality of education which qualifies them to be included.

2015-2016 report prepared by the Forum in the late September published on Tuesday showed that Iraq , Syria, Yemen ,Libya ,Sudan and Somalia have not the most basic standards of quality in education making them ineligible to enter within the framework of evaluation which includes (140) countries in all world.  

The index of education quality and ranking of countries depend on the global competitive index set by the World Economic Forum ,and the marks of index are calculated through collecting public and private data concerning (12) basic categories include institutions ,innovation ,economic situation ,health ,primary and university education and training  ,efficiency of goods and labor markets ,capital market development ,technological readiness ,market size ,business and innovation development which all excessively diminish in Iraq.   

In this context, Singapore came in first place in the world followed by Switzerland and Finland ;while Qatar occupied the fourth position on the global level and the first in the Arab world .Additionally , the index classified the UAE in the tenth order and Lebanon in the twenty-fifth then Bahrain in the thirty-third place ;while ,Jordan occupied the forty-fifth position and Saudi Arabia in the fifty-fourth.

It is worth mentioning that the current government in Iraq recorded the worst behavior of her commitment towards education when was unable to print the curriculums forcing the families of student to provide them .In addition to ,the sectarian policies followed by the last governments which manipulated the contents of these curriculums and incorporated sectarian and political information as well as not providing school buildings and wasted money that is supposed to be allocated to them in the scandals of corruption files reached distant ranges.


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