Friday, 24 March 2017 15:46

Press sources: Prisons in Iraq Offer Expired Food to Detainees

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Press sources: Prisons in Iraq Offer Expired Food to Detainees


Press reports published today asserted that the administrations of the government prisons in Iraq are involved in trafficking in detainees'  lives ;which face risks of death due the spoiled and expired food they are supplied with.


The reports quoted testimonies of families of detainees who reported that the prisoners eat a small amount of food in order not to die as this food is bad and expired .As a result, many of them suffer of various diseases including malnutrition and poisoning .


Informed circles refers that the political parties and officials control on food processing contracts in prisons ,and confiscate foodstuff for the detainees to replace it with spoiled one that are not suitable for human consumption.


Sources point to large embezzlement and manipulation of prisoners' food performed by the officials in the ministry of justice and parties contracting to supply them with food .Political figures or persons related to them usually acquire prisoners' food ,and provide the administrations of prisons with a different type of food other than agreed in the contracts.


In this regard ,the suffering of detainees is growing in many government prisons as they face famine and are forced to eat such food which affect their health status ;as well as ,the prisons' authorities do not permit them to be treated by doctors. It is noteworthy that the number of  prisons declared by the government has  amounted to (98) in all parts of Iraq ,but there are detention centers where hundreds of detainees are placed who have not been brought to the judiciary for many years ;while ,the prisons governed by militias are out of the government control ,which no one knows about.

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