Press sources: An Iraqi detainee from Baghdad City , aged 55 years; died in the prison of Nasiriyah south of Iraq; because of his bad health condition, and the neglect of the prison to care for him.
Al-Jazeera channel: More than one year has passed after the liberation of Mosul but the city has not witnessed repairing of its 5 bridges over the Tigris River;which have been replaced by temporary bridges that do not not meet the need of people.
Informed sources: The rate of poverty has increased among Iraqis to (50%), especially in the cities that witnessed military operations in the recent years.
Infographics :Thousands are missing in Iraq because of wars, militia crimes and the sectarian displacement projects.
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute:Iraq occupied the 120th place in the world's human development index because of poverty and lack of jobs,as a result of ignoring the management of natural resources,that complicates matters;causes losing of peace there.
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