Documentaries - 2007 / The former Secretary-General of the Association of Muslim Scholars Sheikh (Harith al-Dari), may Allah have mercy on him, calls on the Arabs to support the Iraqis, especially people in the South.
Heyet Net : The Credit rating agency expects Iraq's debt to rise in the next four years.
AFP: (993) executions were carried out in the world in 2017 . Iran topped the list of the most 10 countries carring out executions with more than (507) people, while Iraq occupied the third place under the last government that executed more than About (125) people.
Occhi di guerra : Iraq is suffering of severe water shortages that may lead to drought, and 4 million people are at risk of displacement and migration, threatening of humanitarian crisis.
Occhi di guerra website : Although the Iraqi oil exports in 2018 reached unimaginable numbers before a few years ago, people are disappointed; their living conditions have deteriorated.
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