Local sources:Militias belonging to influential parties in Basra, assassinated two young people from Baghdad on Monday 8/10/2018 at the entrance of the building (Investment Authority) in the middle of city, in the presence of the government forces,which did not take any action.
Activists:Approaching of winter season threatens to exacerbate the crisis of the displaced Iraqis in camps that lack the minimum services, in light of the increasing phenomenon of the reverse displacement in many parts of the country.
Press sources: The government forces arrested more than 40 people in different parts in Baghdad and Babel provinces on Monday 8/10/2018.
Informed sources: The influential political parties in Basra province oversee groups working on the smuggling of crude oil out of Iraq.
(UNHCR): The government authorities in Iraq have closed and merged several IDP camps; in Tamim, Anbar and Salah al-Din provinces; this has created a humanitarian catastrophe worse than its predecessors as a result of overcrowding and lack of services.
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