(UNHCR): The government authorities in Iraq have closed and merged several IDP camps; in Tamim, Anbar and Salah al-Din provinces; this has created a humanitarian catastrophe worse than its predecessors as a result of overcrowding and lack of services.
Press sources: 10,000 displaced families from Diyala province, face an unknown fate after government authorities refused to allow them to return to their areas described as "liberated" as part of attempts to change their demographics.
Local sources: The program to return the displaced people to their areas in Diyala , which is subject to the decisions of a committee linked to Baghdad government ,has been suspended for several months; for reasons the government refuses to disclose.
Press reports:The situation of education in Iraq has deteriorated due to the inefficiency and low capacity of school buildings and the levels of teaching methods, as a result of negligence of the Ministry of Education to the requirements of the education sector and its supplies.
Baghdad : Abu Ghraib residents have complained of the procedures of the Ministry of Education of the government of Baghdad, which cause the shortage of teaching staff in schools.
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