Anadolu news agency:The residents of 25 villages in Al-Islah district in Dhi Qar province south of Iraq;fled their areas in this summer due to the water shortage,which causes daily migration from villages to urban areas, affecting negatively on the health and livestock.
Heyet Net : Under the successive governments of occupation;Iraq occupies the bottom of the lists of international organizations classifications .
Human Rights Commission: The civil defense teams in Nineveh province evacuated 2,652 bodies of civilians ,who had died under the rubble of houses and the destroyed buildings by the bombardment on the city of Mosul,until mid-October.
Heyet Net - Quotations/ Under the government neglect,Iraq losses thousands of arable land annually due to the scarcity of water.
Press sources:The government authorities in Iraq have executed 6 detainees in its prisons, despite the expiration of (powers) of the current government and non-formation of the new one.
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