Wednesday, 20 July 2016 11:44

A Third of Iraqi Children Needs Urgent Assistance: Human Rights Section

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The human rights section at the Association of Muslim Scholars has affirmed that the Iraqi children are in urgent need of immediate assistance in order to spare them from psychological crises and disabilities caused by the scourge of war, which affected them negatively throughout their lives.
The section, in a report released Tuesday, explained that the children of Iraq are the first victims of the political conflicts and sectarian violence that taken place across the country, noting that the tragedies of the wars like displacement, killings, ignorance, deprivation, forced recruitment to fight and being targeted by fighting groups and sectarian militias and subjection to extreme violence and harsh implications, are ongoing episodes since 2003 until this date.
The report pointed out that the wars and battles in Iraq has produced a whole generation lost its way and lost the prospects for healthy future, as well as its sliding toward fear, hatred, injustice and despair to levels portend disastrous consequences in the future.
It has included alarming figures due to the non-stop conflict that worsened the humanitarian situation of the children in Iraq; with an estimated 4.7 million children in need of urgent assistance, and that there was expected a significant increase in numbers of children face being displaced and becoming homeless; because of there is no humanitarian contingency plans to curb war scourge in western and northern parts of the country.
The report confirmed that one in every five children in Iraq is at serious risk of death, injury, sexual violence and recruitment into militant groups and sectarian militias, while nearly 1,500 have been snatched from the streets or their homes since 2014.
This report has addressed a number of files in this context, such as educational opportunities of Iraqi children, and killing and injury among children, as well as the critical situation of Iraqi children in displacement camps, besides the health, environmental and security challenges, as well as lack of parental and social care.
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