Monday, 25 July 2016 07:34

Secretary General Receives Delegation of General Political Council of Iraq's Revolutionaries

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The Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Dr. Muthana Harith al-Dhari, has received at his residence in Amman a delegation of the General Political Council of Iraq's Revolutionaries headed by Sheikh Zidane al-Jaberi, the Chairman of the Executive Bureau of the Council, Wednesday.
The Culture and Media Section of the Association said in a statement that the meeting discussed the general situation in Iraq and the vision of the Association to workable ways at the current stage, and the tragic situation taking place in a number of Iraqi cities and the displacement of large population due to the ongoing military actions, as well as possible ways to provide aid to those who being displaced.
During the meeting, the two parties emphasized the need for cooperation between both of them and with the other patriotic groups opposed the political process and the Iranian domination of Iraq, and ways of enhancing a joint national action.
The visiting delegation, which included a number of members of the Executive Bureau of the Council, has expressed its solidarity with the fixed positions of the Association in face the great challenges facing Iraq and the Iraqis .. Expressing readiness to cooperate with the Association in any move aimed at gathering Iraqi national efforts.
At the end of the meeting, which was attended by several members of the Shura Council of the Association, Dr. al-Dhari concluded his talk by thanking the delegation for this visit, and hailed the Council's feelings towards the Association, and their confidence in the Association and its efforts.
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