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Open Letter of Sheikh Dhari to the Iraqis

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His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Harith Sulaiman al Dhari, Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (HEYET) wrote an open letter to the Iraqi people at the ninth anniversary of occupation of the country.


In the open letter dated 9th of April 2012, H.E Sheikh al Dhari reiterated that mujahid Iraqi people should be patient for completion of the Iraq project to save from brutal, despotic occupation and its allies. Meanwhile, he stressed that they will support to the heroic resistance fighters and noble popular resistance giving all legitimate opportunities in order to get out of horrible situation of the country since 2003.  


Sheikh Dhari also touched upon failed so-called political process saying: “Revision of so-called political process or changing government with another, establishing baseless National Unity Government ten times, projects of federative structures and “Arab region” are all a new game stressing that to save current Iraq and rehabilitation of situation is impossible. Thus, in his open letter he expressed that these projects will neither bring goodness to the Iraqi people nor eliminate harms. Because these projects via important or normal summits at the end will help the goals of enemies who only want to divide and separate Iraq.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the HEYET talked about brutal violations and crimes of occupation forces perpetrated against Iraqi people for nine years. His Eminence Dr. Dhari told that this heinous occupation led death of approximately two million Iraqis, kidnapping and imprisoning many and exodus of millions. He also said occupation led millions of Iraqis to be sick, disabled, orphan, widow, unemployed as well as numerous social calamities and tragedies.  

In the letter, Sheikh Dr. Dhari told that occupation administration sowed sedition, dissension and dragon’s teeth among Iraqi people with cunning and evil methods, to remove presence of Iraq as a state, to end its active regional role, its identity, culture and existence from the map, to divide, to loot its wealth, to dissolve its power, to eliminate good people from their positions to hand over country those collaborators, inexperienced, useless and opportunist people in order to realize dangerous aims of occupation.

At the end of his letter, Sheikh Dr. al Dhari exposed serious military, economic and human losses of American occupation forces at the end of heroic Iraqi resistance which forces American administration to pull its forces from Iraq. He also praised zealous Iraqis for their fixed and determined position against occupation and collaborators for the sake of religion, homeland and dignity. He prayed Allah Almighty to mercy upon all martyrs of resistance fighters and innocent people killed, for the liberation of arrested and those forced to leave their homes.





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