Friday, 28 October 2016 20:26

AMSI: Islamic Awakening Conference's Speech is Sectarian

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The Association Muslim Scholars, described the conference that brought by , "the Supreme Council of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening" of Iran; in Baghdad earlier this week; as a desperate attempt that won't be strong enough to affect the cultural reality of the nation.
General Secretariat of the Association said in a statement issued Wednesday, commenting on the final statement of the conference mentioned; the latter was organized by one of the political forces involved in the relevant political process closely related to Iran, indicating that the sponsoring institution is Iranian, and it held at this time, in the Iraqi capital is pointing out to a dangerous and provocative development.
The final statement has a sectarian rhetoric that was clear and evident in some of the speeches; that was contained with sectarian and Takfiri concepts, which contradicts the thought of Islamic unity, as well as the statement revealed that the aim of the conference is to support the current government in Baghdad in its war on (terrorism).
At the end; the Association Muslim Scholars, confirmed that the final statement, which spoke about the Palestinian issue to divert attention from what Iran is doing to threaten the security and sovereignty of several Arab countries that have strong impact and a known history in supporting Palestinian issue; and thus provide a great service to the Zionist entity who claims his hostility, through the occupation of Arab capitals.
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