Saturday, 29 October 2016 09:31

Sectarian Goals Behind The Battle For Mosul, al-Dhari Affirms

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The Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, His Eminence Dr. Muthanna Harith al-Dhari; described the battle for Mosul as interests conflict among the rival parties.
Dr. Muthanna al-Dhari told Al-Jazeera Bila Houdoud, that the battle for Mosul is not a military one, but it is battle of parties have their own interests in the region.
The Secretary-General said that Mosul has demographic, economic, geographical and historical importance, furthermore, it is the second largest city in Iraq.
Al-Dhari reiterated that the goals of government in Baghdad are purely sectarian, the involvement of militia is a frank evidence, to achieve what is going on in other Sunni cities which are subjected to demographic changes openly.
Dr. Muthanna said that the real battle doesn't launch yet, there were just mild confrontations here and there, but if it begin; it will be a massive genocide against the people of Mosul.
The Secretary-General has underscored that what is happening in certain Iraqi cities of destruction and crimes, is not allowed to be shown via media, thus all these crimes and events pass silent.
Dr. al-Dhari told Al-Jazeera, that there is an attempt to finish off the Sunni Arab majority and plurality in Iraq, which has a direct impact in the region.
But the Arab Sunnis in Iraq  are still clinging to their land; despite all the ongoing abuse, displacement and crimes against them, the Secretary-General said.
Regarding Turkey stances, the Secretary-General said "I do not count too much on Turkish attitude or speech, because if it is not, the optimists will get frustrated with the matter".
In ansewring what the Arab peoples can do ? the SecretaryGeneral said, the Arab peoples can not do anything about what is happening in Iraq, as long as the regimes do not move a finger.
Finally the Secretary-General underlined that, despite the ongoing tragedy, hope remains; in Iraq there are many of the good; that calls to restore hope and to reassure the nation.
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