Sunday, 30 October 2016 16:59

Dr. al-Ani: Iranian Militias Key Force in Aggression on Mosul

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The head of media section at the Association of Muslim Scholars, Dr. Abdul-Hamid al-Ani; emphasized that the battle for Mosul targeting the Sunnis in the region in general, and especially the people of Mosul, regardless of the excuse promoted by the media, politicians and most of the governments.
Dr. Abdul Hamid al-Ani in his speech delivered at a conference (Call of Mosul); which organized by the World Political Forum on Sunday in Istanbul; the correct position in this fight; is the defense of the city of Mosul itself, and the people there, in order to protect the Muslim nation, because of the targeting of Mosul is a part of the targeting of nation as whole, citing the statements of Nuri al-Maliki, a few days ago when raising the slogan of war on the city, saying: "O Nineveh we are coming, O Raqqa we are coming, O Aleppo we are coming, O Yemen we are coming."
Dr. al-Ani went to say; the rejection of this war, stems from the rejection of support to Iran and its project, that allied with the United States to achieve it, pointing out that the association is striving to shame the crimes and violations of Iran's militias, which are key pillar in this aggression, reiterated that the de facto leader for this war is Qassem Soleimani himself, who leads the official government security agencies formed on basis of the militias, and supports the sectarian militias which raise slogans of revenge from the people Mosul publicly, and describe their battle as a "foundation phase to establish a state of justice of the divine" in their own words.
Dr. Abdul Hamid in his speech; said that who assisted Soleimani in the aggression on Mosul thousands of  Iranians and the Americans who are described as experts, and protect him and his hordes the aircraft of the US-led international coalition, without losing sight of the role of the peshmerga, the Kurdish security services and Yazidi militias who have obvious desire to revenge from the people Mosul, and the militia (PKK) which its members shared openly in the battle, while others are participating secretly under the name of peshmerga and Yazidi militias.
The conference was attended by personalities from different directions in the Iraqi and Arab arenas, has concluded the final statement to a number of points, the most important; rejection of sectarian killing, displacement and harassment practices in Iraq against the Arab Sunnis, and denouncing the absence of the Arab role.
Furthermore, the statement refused to name the aggression on Mosul "liberation", and underscored that the current government in Baghdad is responsible for violations against the people of Mosul, and said that the US-led international coalition, Britain and France; take the legal and humanitarian responsibility for the acts of sabotage carried out by Western-backed militias.
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