Sunday, 25 December 2016 19:23


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Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq would like to congratulate the Christians in Iraq and all over the world on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ (Jesus son of Mary) and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

The association takes this opportunity to renew its call for Iraqi people in general, and especially the Christian community to be at the level of responsibility to face the challenges posed by the conspiracies of enemies who are trying to weaken the country and tear the social fabric of its people by fomenting  discord between the components.

The association asks Allah to preserve Iraq and its people, and spare his people of all religions injustice and treachery of oppressors ,and bring them together  within united Iraq to enjoy justice ,truth ,security and peace .



The General Secretariat

26th of Rabe' Al-Awwal /1438 H

25th /12/2016

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