Tuesday, 27 December 2016 13:39

Kirkuk Branch Reviews the activities performed in the last days

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AMSI branch in Kirkuk is still continuing in performing various humanitarian  , relief ,scientific and advocacy activities.

The branch explained summery of its accomplishments performed in December  ;it distributed blankets and financial aid to about sixty displaced families which arrived at the city earlier and are suffering of critical humanitarian situation .In addition to, the branch ensures the support of some emergency pathological cases needed by the displaced persons as well as provides scholarships to the displaced students in various specialties.

On the other hand, the branch established a ceremony on the occasion of birth of the prophet in one of the city's masjids attended by a large gathering of people ,scientists and academic figures ;speeches and lessons were delivered about the life of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.   

Furthermore, the branch will continue in overseeing the scientific courses held in the city's masjids which includes lessons in doctrine ,Fiqh , Hadith , Quran sciences and others.  



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