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Statement no. (1228) Concerning raid and arrest campaigns of (794) civilians in December 2016

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Statement   no. (1228)

Concerning raid and arrest campaigns of (794) civilians in December 2016


Praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions, and those who followed him, and then:

According to new statistics prepared by human rights department in Muslim Scholars Association about the raid and arrest campaigns in the last December ,the department observed (61) announced campaigns resulting in arresting of (794)civilians in addition to (13)killing cases accompanying these campaigns  .

The raid and arrest campaigns included (14)Iraqi provinces, and a number of provinces got  the largest share of arbitrary arrests where Diyala province came first place with (144 )detainees ,Ta'meem in second place with (127);Wasit ranked third by (109) detainees ,Nineveh province by (94) ones ,Maysan (90) detainees ;followed by Dhi Qar with(56)detainees, Muthana province (50)arrested persons ;Karbala' (33)detainees, Baghdad and Qadisiya (29) one per every province ,Salah-il-deen(13)ones  ; Anbar(10),Basra (8) and Babylon province with (two)detainees . 

This census is limited to the announced data of interior and defense ministries; and does not include statistics of arrests carried out by the ministry of so-called "national security" , the offices of anti –terrorism and those of PM which are secrecy carried out. Also, the data did not include random and undeclared arrests  carried out by Awakening elements, in addition to ;campaigns of arrests carried out by the militias and Kurdish security apparatuses (Peshmerga ,Asaiysh, Parastin and Zanyari) and other militias in Diyala, Ta'meem ,Salah-il-Deen ,Nineveh, Suleimaniya ,Erbil and Dohouk).

The Association of Muslim Scholars counts such large numbers of detainees  at the beginning of each month in unjust campaigns which have turned Iraq in testimony of the whole world into a big prison where the most heinous crimes are committed in the name of freedom and democracy  ;the association withstands the government the full responsibility for these breaches ,and demands to release all the guiltless detainees and calls for the international , human right and Islamic Cooperation organizations to intervene to stop those violations and conceal the perpetrators.


General Secretariat

7th of  RabīAl-Ākhir/1438 H


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