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Statement no. (1229) On the ninety-sixth anniversary of Iraqi Army

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Statement   no. (1229)

On the ninety-sixth anniversary of Iraqi Army



Praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, companions, and followers:

On the sixth of January of each year, Iraqis celebrate the anniversary of their valiant army, and recall its memorable role in defending Iraq; and its active participation in the decisive battles of Arab nation.

Today, we witness the anniversary when Iraqis miss their real army, and find its substitute lacks the high professional standards of military discipline in performing of its tasks as it is a mixture of militias in its origin, goals and targets. Although, attempts are being made to sweep the ground from under it, ignore its decision and will to replace it with the sectarian militias to serve the Iranian project and violate the sovereignty of the nation under the title of the so-called (Popular Mobilization).


The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq congratulates the Iraqi people on the ninety-sixth anniversary of army ,and proudly recalls its victories emphasizing that the professional army which has a honorable history and profound experience represented by its commanders and soldiers ;it is one of the important factors in nation-building , preservation of its sovereignty , protecting of  its achievements and capabilities of their people which is known by the enemies of Iraq since the first moment of occupation. Therefore, they have disbanded the former army and cancelled its role to create false concept of what is so-called Iraqi army as well as they have expelled its efficient officers to alter them with a new sectarian and ethnic army. They have applied an exclusionary policy disagreeing with even unjust proportion according to which they have classified Iraqi people relying on sectarian and ethnic confessionalism.



General Secretariat

8th of  RabīAl-Ākhir/1438 H


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