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Statement no. (1230) Regarding criminal bombing on the civilians In Karabla City in Anbar.

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Statement   no. (1230)

Regarding criminal bombing on the civilians

In Karabla City in Anbar. 



Praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, companions, and followers:

The government warplanes bombarded the civilian homes in Karabla on (06/01/2017) resulting in (41) deaths and injuries including children and women after the brutal bombing which targeted people in Qa'im Marketplace in Anbar on (7/12/2017) causing dozens of deaths and injuries  .

News reported from the area that the aerial raids conducted by the government warplanes targeted (4) civilians in (Karabla)area in Qa'im district at 10 AM on 06/01/2017 resulting in (17) deaths and (24)injuries of civilians including serious cases and the most victims are displaced families .

It is noteworthy that the government and US-led coalition warplanes continuously shell cities and areas in Anbar causing deaths and injuries of civilians and destroying of their homes.

The insistence on committing of these brutal crimes means that the government ,and those who support it do not feel concern about killing of guiltless people in this unjust war and attempt to control areas forcibly; they do not know about humanity ,but murder only .  

Although these crimes are committed ,the international community ignore complaints or confessing these events in order not to stop the war "against terrorism" as they claim.



General Secretariat

8th of  RabīAl-Ākhir/1438 H


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