Monday, 23 January 2017 18:11


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The government forces arrested dozens of guiltless people when they carried out arbitrary raid and inspection operations in Tarmiya district in the last Thuresday on (19/01/2017); their fate, the responsible party and the place of their detaining are still unknown.


The families of detainees said that arrest operations were provocatively conducted by saying threat phrases to the district people blustering them to face destiny similar to what happened to the people of cities that witnessed flagrant aggression, continuous displacing and systematic murder.


Meanwhile, the government forces launched an unjustified campaign of arrests two days ago in: Qadisiya and Jame'iya neighborhoods in Mada'in district arresting dozens of young men. 


These unjust campaigns and their results are included in the context of policy followed by the subsequent occupation governments ;and aim at pressing on the population in  Baghdad belt areas to serve the demographic change project which uses injustice, murder and displacement to achieve its objectives.



Media department

25th Rabī’ al-Thānī /1438 H

23th /01/2017 GC


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