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Statement no. (1235) Concerning murder and displacement threats of the Christian Hashd Militia to Arab tribes in Nineveh Plains

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Statement no. (1235)

Concerning murder and displacement threats of the Christian Hashd Militia to Arab tribes in Nineveh Plains


Praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah; his family, companions, and those who followed him:

Activists posted a video on the social media websites in which (Salman Asso Habba), one of the leaders of what is so-called (Christian Hashd ) belonging to (Al-Hashd Sha'bi)Militias ,has threatened Arab tribes in Tilkeif  district north of Mosul to demolish their homes over their heads if they do not obey his orders representing in leaving their homes and the district within  a maximum of 72 hours .

The so-called (Salman Asso Habba) , joining to (Babylon) Militia ,on of Al-Hashd Al-Sha'bi militias ,founded according to the fatwa of ("Sufficiency Jihad") supported by (Maliki and Abadi)governments ; has been charged with committing of torture crime against displaced people from Fallujah City.

Amnesty International has accused the current government in Iraq of ignoring what it called systematic pattern of serious violations committed by (Al-Hashd Al-Sha'bi) Militia using military force.

This explicit murder threat to the Arab tribes in Nineveh plains and elsewhere; is considered as one of threat and killing crimes committed by (Al-Hashd Al-Sha'bi)Militias ,and the silence of government on such persons who stir the sectarian strife is regarded as a policy followed by the government to resolve several sectarian and racist files using different tools ,which is the same approach taken by the former governments .  

Moreover, the condemned injustice which has included some of Christians in Iraq ;should not be used as an excuse to oppress guiltless people who live in demographically mixed regions , and threatening them with death and displacement does not serve anyone except Iran and its followers of politicians and the powerful parties which use misfortune and pain suffered by people ,and seek to exploit them to aggrieve others in order to achieve their goals.

AMSI confirms its contact with Iraqi Christian parties about the serious violations against Arab citizens in Nineveh plains  ; and these parties informed the association that they condemn the actions of (Salman Asso) and Babylon Militias which practice double terrorism ;when he prevents many Christians of expression and terrifies them ,as well as the misusing of the private properties  which does not include Arab villages only.



General Secretariat

11th  of  Jumada al-Awwal /1438 H


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