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Statement no. (1238) Concerning the tragic situation of Mosul displaced people

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Statement no. (1238)

Concerning the tragic situation of Mosul displaced people



Praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah; his family, companions, and those who followed him:


In a tragic scene simulates the events in the cities and provinces which the government has claimed that they have been freed ;thousands of civilians have fled from (Ma'moun and Tal Arruman )neighborhoods in the western Mosul within the newest wave of displacement fleeing from rocket and artillery bombing of  the government forces , the US occupation army and the forces allied with them; which has aimlessly targeted them without discrimination between a gunman and civilian to face unknown fate due to the injustice of government ,extreme shortage in food and medicine.


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced earlier that (45) thousand civilians have fled from the western side of Mosul City since the starting of the recent military operations backed by US-led coalition raising the number of the displaced people since the commencing of the joint military operations more than four months ago to (275)thousand civilians.

The ministry of migration admitted that the daily rate of displacement from Mosul has amounted to (10000) displaced people.

The painful photos of the situation of displaced civilians in Mosul show the suffering of people which have fled from the violent bombing that includes them ;while the situation of those who have remained is worse than who have fled as death surrounds them from every side and the killing machine watches them and no way to go out.

Moreover, the chemical weapons were used in the last days to warn of serious repercussions on the lives of civilians in the city and future of its people.

AMSI considers what is happening to civilians as a crime against humanity and cannot be tolerated ,and the parties of conflict are responsible for targeting of Mosul ,its people and the public and private properties ;and their carelessness make them legally ,legitimately and morally responsible ,and cannot be justified as the lives of civilians are serious subject and should be far from the wishes and desires of the traffickers ,Allah will punish them for every drop of blood unjustly shed . 




General Secretariat

7th  of  Jumada Al-Akhir /1438 H


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