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Statement no. (1240) Concerning discrimination law Of Firing veiled women from their jobs in Europe

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Statement no. (1240)

Concerning discrimination law

Of Firing veiled women from their jobs in Europe


Praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah; his family, companions, and those who followed him:


Day by day the alleged democracy in the western world is revealed ,the governments of the west especially the European ones violate the human rights and  civil liberties when they deal with Muslims and other citizens of those counties or people who have gained the nationalities in these countries according to government decision . European Court of Justice in the Belgian capital (Brussels) declared on (14/03/2017) that the institutions have the right to prohibit highlighting or wearing political or philosophical or religious symbols within their internal regulations, and any department  has the right to fire women wearing hijab from their jobs under the pretext of preserving the neutrality of the institutions in  the European countries .As well as , the look of hijab concerns people in European societies and this is not believable in the western societies.


This law violates all the constitutions of the western counties that have ensured the religious and civil rights, and is deemed a discrimination against Muslims on the basis of religion and belief ;and is not based on any legal or constitutional foundation according to the rationing they claim depending on democracy which guarantees the rights of all religions, minorities and nationalities ;and they declare that this law depends on the freedom ensured by their constitutions ,but they forget the principles of coexistence which they claim their applying .


AMSI strongly condemns announcing of this law ,and confirms that it reveals the reality of their alleged democracy and exposes its falsity and officially permits to forcibly deprive Muslims of their jobs .It represents the mentality of the west that insists on linking terrorism to Islam ,and this is not acceptable by Muslims who cherishes his /her religion.




General Secretariat

19th of  jumada Al-Akhir /1438 H


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