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Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Ani: The political process and quota cause tragedy to Sunni people

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Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Ani: The political process and quota cause tragedy to Sunni people.


Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Ani , the head of culture and information in AMSI ,asserted that the association refuses any interference in Iraq ;and rejects the presence of foreign forces explaining the tragedy suffered by Sunni people in Iraq and the crisis faced by their provinces result from the political process and the sectarian quota system based on.


Dr. Al-Ani clarified in a televised interview broadcasted on Saturday through (Rudaw) channel that the association objected on the sectarian quota system since the beginning and is still keen on the national discourse in determining the problems in Iraq and searching for solutions showing that though the association cherishes its faith and identity which do not oppose the principle of citizenship shared by all people in Iraq.


Answering on the accusation in a form of question asked by the channel that the cause of tragedy of Sunni people in Iraq is to prevent them in participating in the first election ,but Dr. Al-Ani said that AMSI did not avert anyone of taking part in the election, in spite of its conviction of failure of the political process ;but the association preferred to make Iraqis decide noting that the call to the first election boycott in 2004 was agreed by all Sunni forces.  


Dr. Al-Ani added that the reason of suffering faced by Sunni provinces is the exclusion policy and the political process that is based on the sectarian quota which is unfair because it relied on the US occupation estimates and not on population census reminding that those provinces revolted against injustice and exclusion of the political process ,and their people went out in peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins for one year demanding the minimum of their rights ,but the government faced them with an iron fist  and committed crimes against them ;some of these crimes were broadcasted including the massacres of Fallujah, Sariya Masjid and Haweeja, and so on .

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