Monday, 17 April 2017 17:24

AMSI: The method of killing innocent people in Mosul cannot be described

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AMSI: The method of killing innocent people in Mosul cannot be described


The Muslim Scholars Association asserted that the aerial and artillery shelling launched by the US-led coalition and the government forces continue daily in Mosul and the number of casualties is increasing ;and what is displayed via media is a small part of the committed massacres and the real disaster .


The general secretariat showed in a statement issued today that (73) persons were killed in the last few hours ,and 90 wounded, including women and children, as the coalition and government forces shelled several neighborhoods on the right side of Mosul, according to media sources.


The association referred that the number of the displaced persons from the western side in Mosul has recently amounted to (320)thousand persons since the last February, while; the estimations indicated that (400)thousand civilians are still besieged in the western part of the city where its neighborhoods witness heavy shelling especially : Zanjili and Borsa ;which may increase the toll of casualties of civilians .


The association stressed that the crimes of genocide committed in Mosul have revealed the lie of preserving human rights which the world has been deceived ; this lie is used by the powerful states to press on countries and people to subject them to the will and policy of those states which are imposed by iron and fire.


The association blames the parties of dispute for the events occurring in Mosul which does not care for Iraqi people ,their life and future explaining that the way of killing guiltless people cannot be described ,and stresses that the government is responsible as its prime minister asked Mosul people to stay at their homes.




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