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in an interview conducted with Rafidain channel .. The Secretary-General stresses that the reason for the continued suffering of the Iraqis is the occupation and its political project.

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Dr. Muthanna Harith al-Dari, Secretary-General of the Muslim Scholars Association, said that the reason for the continued suffering of the Iraqis is the brutal occupation and its political project, which is intended to remain in this cycle.


"Despite the call of the Iraqis to help their country and warn of the dangers that threaten the region, no one has taken any notice of them, and the reality asserts the Iraqi vision" Dr. al-Dari said during an interview with Al-Rafidain channel. Explaining that "hope is existent as long as there is awareness ,and there is a group defending Iraq by all possible means which shows this vision to the nation.


The Secretary-General of the association added that Iraq is now living the worst status because it is the hardest in the region, and it is the first story which will witness the end. Furthermore, the evil that wander in the Iraqi homeland to hit here and there ; will be ended in Iraq.


As for the conference in Ankara, Dr. Al-Dari pointed out that the association issued a press release stating all the details and the situation became clear to many. The statement revealed the lie of the promotion and leaks before and during the conference, noting that the Sunni political class has special purposes from the conference; who attended or those who did not.


Also he pointed out that what happened in Ankara is a deliberative meeting not a conference ,and the association attended larger meetings in the Arab League in (2005 and 2006)referring that the aim of these meetings is to invest the political and media effort and that of  the Iraqi resistance to deliver the point of view of the anti-occupation forces.


Al-Dari stressed that the recommendations of the conference in Cairo were appropriate to avoid many tragedies for Iraqis since then, but the ruling politicians breached them as they earlier decided not to implement any of these recommendations.


Dr. Muthana Al-Dari said: "The association does not have any objection to the principle of dialogue in order to keep the Iraqi interest, provided that it is a serious meeting which applies what it produces."  He noted that the former US President George Bush asked the meeting with the Secretary General Sheikh Harith Al-Dari - May Allah have mercy on him -but the Sheikh rejected.


The Secretary General said that the meeting of Ankara was the first official invitation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Turkey, pointing out that there are international obstacles which are stronger than Saudi Arabia and Turkey to prevent the association of  attending any meeting or even to consult with the politicians in these countries.


He said: "The decision to participate in the meeting in Ankara was not easy, and It took a few days to discuss with the political section and the general secretariat, as we prepared for the meeting two speeches; the first one: if the meeting is to be consultative and the other: if the meeting is a propaganda to display the political process in a new form."Explaining that the association is the only force that opposes the current political process, and this is a huge responsibility to show this matter .


Al-Dari added: "Whoever claims that the association is tough and not flexible, we tell him that we did difficult things as for us, in order to prove what is known for our followers, and thank Allah that the meeting of Ankara made us stronger and we were not subjected to any harassment and the doors were opened to us after our speech."


He stressed that Iraq is occupied by Iran which is allowed by America to do so, and also because that Iran offered assistance to America in Afghanistan and Iraq….indicating that Iran that is the largest danger facing the Iraqi resistance after the United States; which achieved what America wants of destroying Iraq, dominating it and confronting the Iraqi resistance to control the political arena.


The Secretary-General of the Muslim Scholars Association concluded: "After all of this suffering, the Iraqis do not have only the resistance we are proud of . Anyone talking negatively about the resistance project tries to hinder the real resistance." asserting that the statement issued by the resistance factions recently was a step worthy of encouragement and blessing.



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