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Statement no. (1254) Concerning the declarations of Condoleezza Rice About the claims of Iraq liberation

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Statement no. (1254)

Concerning the declarations of Condoleezza Rice

About the claims of Iraq liberation


Praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah; his family, companions, and those who followed him:


Day after day, the secrets of Iraq invasion and the claims of its liberation have been revealed, Condoleezza Rice; the former national security adviser in the former president George W. Bush era, declared on Thuresday night (11/5/2017)  about the real reason of invasion of Iraq.

Rice said at a meeting held at the Brookings Institution for research that: ((we went to Iraq due to security problem concerning ruling of Saddam Hussein, but we did not go to bring democracy)) and added that : ((The president George. W. Bush did not plan to use military force to bring democracy to Iraq in 2003 or Afghanistan in 2001)).

This shocking declaration represents what happened in Iraq and the disastrous results caused by the occupation in Iraq and the region ,the announcement confirms two facts that AMSI and the anti-occupation forces always refer to in spite of  defending  of some who justify it under the pretext of liberation or bringing (the alleged democracy), namely:

The first truth: USA and the allaying countries committed a serious crime against humanity ,especially Iraqi people and Iraq which has become a place of injustice, terrorism, crime , corruption in all its forms ;and a field of all of its enemies to conflict and settle their accounts. As a result, the occupation and its allaying forces are responsible for the events that occurred and those which are still happening including killing, destruction, starving, displacement, humiliation and all violations against human rights , the failure in all government institutions and the disruption of the fabric of society. As well as, the occupation enables Iran to control Iraq in the political, security and economic fields and enhances its domination in the region.

The other truth: Recognition of the political failure of the US occupation in Iraq, and the responsibility of the so-called (political process) for all kinds of injustice in the country, where the goal is to solve a security problem only; all will occur then not in the accounts of the US administration and not in its vicinity, this gives answers to all the questions that have been asked in Iraq since the invasion and occupation till now.

(Condoleezza Rice), who (expected) the percentages of winning in the second election in Iraq in 2005 (before)it was held and determined the number of seats of each side according to (political estimates) !! This declaration shows her deception to the Iraqis at that time, and the claims of the so-called (democracy) in Iraq, and places her friends and collaborators and all who dealt with her administration in a moral dilemma.

The most effective solution in Iraq remains to be free from the lies and illusions of the political process, and the conviction that the political system based on sectarian and ethnic quotas will not be useful in achieving what all Iraqis aspire to, and seeking to expand national awareness of the need for change based on noble goals, aspiring by Iraq people after 14 years of occupation and its aftermath.



















General Secretariat

17th  of  Sha'ban /1438 H


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