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Statement no. (1312) concerning the contradictions in the periodic briefing submitted by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq to the Security Council on the situation in Iraq

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Statement no. (1312) concerning the contradictions in the periodic briefing submitted by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq to the Security Council on the situation in Iraq


Praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah; his family, companions, and those who followed him and then:

The Association of Muslim Scholars has followed with interest the periodic briefing of (Ján Kubiš) , the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the United Nations Mission in Iraq, on the overall situation in Iraq, which was  presented at the Security Council meeting on 20th  February 2018. As in his previous briefings, Kubiš report did not differ much this time. Unfortunately, this report contradicted the real description of the situation in Iraq, as it is described by the reports of the Security Council member states and others. , Which indicates that the current situation in Iraq is contrary to what was described by the Special Representative.

Furthermore, the report complimented the government in Iraq, and gave an impression mostly contrary to the reality and similar to what is reported by the government media in cooperation with the Iranian media and some Arab media, echoing the same speech by the ruling authority in Iraq, disregarding the tragic political, security and humanitarian situation of the Iraqi people as reported by the international organizations, including United Nations organizations, as well as some government ministries themselves and committees in the current parliament .

In this regard, AMSI would like to explain the following:

First: The report contradicted the statements of politicians in Iraq that the political, administrative, economic and social corruption have  reached levels that are difficult to cure, and it completely opposed - the fears felt by the European , regional and Arab countries about the domination of Iran on the political decision and most departments in the  government institutions in Iraq.

Secondly, the report completely opposed those of the parliamentary governmental committees, including: the report of the Committee on Migration and the Displaced in the present parliament which was presented on 25/2/2018, and revealed that the next elections are to politicize and grant the power to the militias, and that the lost security in Iraq and the rampant corruption have prevented the displaced refugees in the camps from returning to their areas, and that 60% of them are still in camps of hunger and slow death, and that many of the forcibly displaced Iraqis are not allowed by the dominating militias to return to their areas.
 Thirdly, the report of Kubiš, showed unreal state of affairs in the country, deliberately ignored the total collapse of the country, it did not mention the failure of the administrative institutions, the loss of security, and the Iranian domination on the government and politicians. It did not include the collapse of the social, moral and administrative system, the spread of drugs, the dominance of the militias, the high rate of unemployment, the waste of resources and wealth to no avail.
 Fourthly, Kubiš praised the conference for the reconstruction of Iraq in Kuwait and commended the international support for it despite the failure of this conference to achieve its objectives. The participating countries were obliged to provide their money as loans, including sovereign loans, and  Baghdad government should act only with international supervision and the countries do not provide aid and grants to Abadi government because of the continuing high levels of corruption in Iraq in general and among the government in particular, which lacks the will and responsibility necessary to be trusted by the donor countries. All of this contradict the report presented by Kubiš, if Baghdad government is trusted; why this reluctance to grant it?
 Fifthly: The report praised the elections scheduled to be held in Iraq on 12/5/2018, and described the electoral alliances participating in it as cross - sectarian and ethnic groups of different sects - according to the report - ignoring that the parties are formed according to system relies on sectarian and ethnic division that tore the country , And that these parties are working to attract people through slogans based on national affiliation , religious and sectarian beliefs, and the phenomenon of crossing sectarianism is an illusion that falsifies the reality of those parties, which are marketed by the media for its own purposes, disregarding the reference to the abnormal political situations, Which resulted from the participation  of the armed militias and their leaders in  the political process; to practise their terrorism , to deprive people of their remaining rights, and to prevent the return of the displaced to their cities till further notice, such as Jurf Al-Sakhar area and others.
 Sixthly: Regarding the file of the displaced people , the Special Envoy accused some of the displaced persons who are persecuted of being sleeper cells for (the Islamic State organization) ; supporting the government propaganda and its parties and he unambiguously justified the crime of the forcible displacement by the militias backed by this government against the displaced families, permitting for the uncontrolled sectarian militias that control these cities to prevent them from returning to their cities under the pretext of terrorism, continuing in the tragic displacement and the human, social and economic suffering and consequences, as well as the political and demographic goals that promote policies of exclusion. This is where Kubiš contradicts himself, when he makes the integrity of the elections conditional on the return of about 2.5 million displaced persons, according to government estimates, and the provision of security.
 The Association of Muslim Scholars considers this report a clear injustice as for the Iraqi people and the reality, beyond the limits of reason ignoring the fact that cannot be concealed, while at the same time , It supported the American and Iranian visions in Iraq,which have caused the destruction and total collapse in all parts of the country. AMSI stresses that this report is far from the reality in Iraq. The Iraqi people have not benefited from the political process based on sectarian and ethnic confinement imposed by the occupation only the misery, destruction, killing, displacement and the complete collapse of all systems of life and its necessities, under the  process of replacing all what is good in Iraq with a bad alternative.
 AMSI clarifies that the justification of the government crimes and its militias through a UN report makes it a partner and will not solve the problem in Iraq; rather, it will consolidate it  and give the system of sectarian and ethnic quotas a second chance of life, which will benefit in its quest to destroy the foundations of national unity and citizenship and obstruct what is - falsely and blatantly – called  the process of democratic transformation and the building of the state of institutions, sought by the Security Council and the United Nations.
 AMSI condemns the accusation of many innocent displaced women, children and the elderly of terrorism, and holds the United Nations, and the representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq, the moral and legal responsibility for the consequences of what was stated in his briefing submitted to the Security Council in this regard of retaliation exercised by the government and sectarian militias against them, And calls for clear clarification and apology to them and to remove the relevant paragraph of the text of the report presented to the Council, noting that the international community must be fairer to the peoples , more interactive with their  tragedies and suffering if it wishes to play its true role and be out of dependency, instead of supporting the criminals who violate the rights of the peoples, AMSI expects the Secretary-General of the United Nations to take a serious step in this context.
 General Secretariat
 13th / Jumaada al-Akhir/1439 H
1st /3/2018 


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