Friday, 19 April 2013 09:40

Sheik Ed-Dari accepted one of Member of Congress

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Sheik Ed-Dari accepted one of Member of Congress. Ed-Dari made explanations about tragic situations and circumstances in Iraq.

Secretary General of HEYET Sheik Dr. Haris Suleyman Ed-Dari accepted James McDermott, Member of Congress from Democrat Party-Washington, in his office in Amman, Jordan.

According to the statement from the Department of Press and Culture; Sheik told about sorrowful conditions in Iraq and what kind of mopes Iraqi people have because of the revolutions and governments rising one after another.


Besides, Sheik Ed-Dari gave information about ongoing revolution almost all over Iraq since end of last year and emphasized that demonstrators ask for the change of inhumane circumstances, possess their legitimate rights, release of the arrestee and halt the torture and persecutions deemed proper to Iraqi people.

James McDermott stated that Iraqi people are right in asking for better conditions and legitimate wishes. He also emphasized that peaceful demonstrations are part of universal human rights.

To this meeting during which lots of topics were handled, HEYET’s Spokesman Muhammed Beşşar El-Feydi, Chief of Press and Culture Department Musenna Haris Ed-Dari and some guests attended. 




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